New Minimalism

do work

J & I have decided to pare down our belongings, stop frivolous spending, and get out of debt once and for all. Thankfully neither of us racked up mounds of debt when we were out on our own for the first time, but that’s not to say we have none. Currently we’re sitting on around $90,000. whoa that’s a big number. it consists of a mortgage and student loans and very small credit card debt. We won’t go into specifics of each (keeping this somewhat private) but I do think that since I’ve searched the interwebs for inspiration and tips, I hope to use our journey to inspire others as well. We’re coupling this minimalistic approach to life in conjunction with our healthy lifestyle change which has been in effect for about a month now.

a few steps we are or will be taking to get where we want to be:

1 – assess where we are and our long term goals

2 – trim the fat (entertainment, eating out, mindless spending, clutter – all gone!)

3 – snowball the debt (we are both subscribe to Dave Ramsey’s way of thinking about money and savings and our legacy)

4 – become debt free, follow our dreams, continue to live as happy as we are now

I am positive there will be bumps in the road, unexpected expenses that come up, and days where we fall off the wagon, but instead of giving in, we will hop back on and get back at it.


have you ever went totally crazy to pay off bills or change your way of living? we’d love any and all tips, tricks, or stories!!


Living Out Love

So I've been thinking about how to have an online presence that is not only documentation of life where we're at currently (trips, recipes, housing projects, etc) but also a place of encouragement, truths spoken about life that brings the glory to God as he is in everything we do and are. I hope that the words I share here are a blessing to whomever may read them.

Today I don't have much in the way of a post; rather a stream of thoughts after this Christmas holiday has past that have been weighing on my heart. 

J & I made the 7 hour trip out of town this past weekend to visit family. Family that have only recently come back into our lives and to who we are still gun shy to pull the trigger of a full on 'welcome back!' as the hurt is real. the feeling of rejection and abandonment is still fresh, even with the time stamp on the issues dating back to the early 90's. it's something that I've struggled with because I know in my heart that I am called by God to love everyone and judge no one. I am here to show his mercy and grace and leave the rest to Him; but as a human with real emotions and a memory that doesn't soon forget, I can't help to feel like my time and energy could be better invested in family and friends who have stuck around and been there always; who made the effort with me to be a strong part of my life.

But then I have the nagging feeling that maybe those hardest to love need it the most. so we went. vacation was taken from work. the car was packed to the brim. J & I put on our traveling clothes and headed out of town to see what the next few days held for us. 

I was pleasantly surprised as the visit was good. We booked ourselves a hotel room close to their home and we enjoyed our visit; a delicious homemade Christmas dinner, gifts, and quality time on the front porch. I feel that I've taken the first step in loving instead of holding on to resentment and my heart and theirs (I hope) are a little happier for it. 

I am not perfect by any means and I definitely don't love the way I'm called all of the time, but making a true effort, I hope will leave some of God's light with everyone I encounter.